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A much-required Update


Happy New Year, wordpress! Wow, time really flies by!

Hailing the new (and hopefully better) 2018, I have come back to the Budge’s for a quick second. Although I know this site is visited mostly by myself, I feel like it’s necessary to put down what’s going on, and why I haven’t done a Budge update in so long.

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Back to Basics – The Budge Legacy (2.8)

Taking over Twinbrook


Hello! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and again it comes from the annoying reason of my game not working. Turns out, my game/computer really didn’t like my method of installing/playing each expansion pack at a time. It just refused to load the game at all, even if I only had Late Night and the Base Game installed.

Soooo after much time scratching my head and throwing my arms in the air and grumbling loudly about it, I decided ‘screw it’ and installed every expansion back onto my computer again. Lo and behold, it worked! So I can play the Budge family again (yay), but with every expansion installed, which kind of defeats the point of ‘Back to Basics‘ (boo).

At this point, I’m just happy the game is working, so the Budge family will get to experience life with all the expansions up to Seasons (excluding Showtime, because I decided I didn’t want to install it). This update will be the last update of basic gameplay- just Sims 3 and Ambitions installed on my computer. After this, Budge updates will have every expansion installed in-game!

Now let’s get on with this chapter!

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This Again…

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.46.06.png

I am having real trouble getting my game to work lately, which is a shame. It’s absolutely refusing to run, no matter how many times I uninstall/reinstall it. SO I’ll see what I can do, and I have the Budge’s saved anyway, but I might just have to abandon my each generation= new expansion plan because it’s just not working 😦

It sucks, but I’m hopeful that even with all the games installed, I can play the Budges again.