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This Again…

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I am having real trouble getting my game to work lately, which is a shame. It’s absolutely refusing to run, no matter how many times I uninstall/reinstall it. SO I’ll see what I can do, and I have the Budge’s saved anyway, but I might just have to abandon my each generation= new expansion plan because it’s just not working 😦

It sucks, but I’m hopeful that even with all the games installed, I can play the Budges again.

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Walk Like An Egyptian- The Budge Legacy Interlude


As Nicola so politely requested of me, it’s about time for the Budge family to have a holiday! So Sonny and Nicola packed their bags and jetted off to Al Simhara, as a sort of late honeymoon, let’s say.

No last times under the cut this update, this is just a fun interlude-thing.

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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (1.1)


Welcome back to the Budge Legacy, a legacy where I play my way through each Sims 3 expansion pack with every generation.  So far, we’re at generation 1, so we’re just playing the most basic version of the Sims 3 you can possibly get.

Last time we met our founder, Diana Budge, who wants to be a rockstar. She quickly met and fell for Stiles McGraw, even though he’s an adult who lives in a house with four other people. They got engaged and Stiles moved in. At the end of the update we discovered Diana is pregnant!

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Back To Basics – A Sims 3 Legacy (1.0)

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Welcome, all, to my newest venture in the Sims 3 world of legacies. I know, I’m a bit behind everyone else (for all I know, Sims 5 will be out soon), but I do enjoy playing Sims 3 a lot. Though I’m very bad at keeping up with my legacies, I think I’ve thought of a way to keep my interest through the 10 or so generations I will play out.

This is the ‘Back to Basics’ Legacy, where I will be playing each generation through each expansion pack I own. So Gen 1 will be the base game, Gen 2 will be World Adventures, Gen 3 will be Late Night, etc. Until the last few generations, which will be played through with my last expansion Seasons (I never got around to getting University and Island Paradise or whatever it’s called).

So, if you’re interested, read on! If not, never mind- maybe you’ll want to check out some of my other legacies instead?

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