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The Lost Years – The Budge Legacy Interlude II


This is genuinely the face I make at my game all the time. PARTICULARLY one time, when I had WA installed, and just after Sonny and Nicola got back from vacation the game bugged and I lost everything. It’s my own fault for being a shoddy saver, but man have I learned the hard way!

So here it is, the Lost Years of the Budge legacy, where Sonny and Nicola had two kids that don’t even exist anymore. Intrigued? Then read on…

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Walk Like An Egyptian- The Budge Legacy Interlude


As Nicola so politely requested of me, it’s about time for the Budge family to have a holiday! So Sonny and Nicola packed their bags and jetted off to Al Simhara, as a sort of late honeymoon, let’s say.

No last times under the cut this update, this is just a fun interlude-thing.

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