Hi! My name is renderedpixels. I’ve been in the simming community for about… ooh, too many years. My previous attempts at posting about my sims can be found here, where my longest running project, The Early Legacy, now rests.

I am currently attempting to play and write the Budge Legacy, which is a legacy where I play a new expansion pack with each generation. My founder, Diana Budge, will live purely in the Sims 3 universe, her children will have World Adventures, their children will have Late Night and so on, until I run out of expansions.

My sims 2 project is currently designing and creating a neighbourhood, which I might post about on my simblr if I feel like it. Also, I’m always making new legacies in the sims 2, so you’ll see those come and go on my tumblr/LJ.

Speaking of my simblr, the link to my page is here. I’m not on it a lot, but I do check it now and again if I’m doing something sims-related, so feel free to follow!

Thanks for checking my wordpress out!