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A much-required Update


Happy New Year, wordpress! Wow, time really flies by!

Hailing the new (and hopefully better) 2018, I have come back to the Budge’s for a quick second. Although I know this site is visited mostly by myself, I feel like it’s necessary to put down what’s going on, and why I haven’t done a Budge update in so long.

In short, we got a pretty awesome new computer that runs games really well on it. Problem is, it’s a Mac (still). Second Problem is that for a christmas treat I bought the Sims 4 for myself (since before I shared the game with my sister)… and I’m really enjoying playing around in it. Along with many other games that are now running pretty smoothly on the new iMac.

However, the one game that refuses to run at all, is my beloved problem-child, the sims 3. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, doing it through origin, clearing caches and all the rest, but from just looking online it seems like there is nothing to be done. So, unfortunately for now, I have no way to play the sims 3, and consequently, the Budge’s. I’m pretty disappointed, I won’t lie. I was quite enjoying documenting the Budge family in this no-pressure kind of way. Maybe someday in the future I’ll be able to play and finish this legacy. Maybe I’ll re-make the Budge family in the sims 4. Who knows? For now, I’m going to keep updating on my simblr, and will probably likely start a new legacy of some kind in sims 4, once I’ve got it figured out.

For now, goodbye.



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