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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (3.5)

Summer Lovin’


Welcome back to the Budge legacy! I chose this picture to be the header because it made me laugh.

Last time on the Budge Legacy: Zucchini created mayhem, Coco and Vincent grew up into adorable kids, and Peach & Pepper started having mid-life crisis’, all the Budge family (and their neighbours) got shiny new skins, and the Budge’s adopted a cute dog called Floyd!

This update begins with a big reveal…


The Budge family has moved to Appaloosa plains!!

Basically, my game bugged and kept giving me ‘error code 12’ again, and moving the family to a new town is the only thing that ever works. It sucks because I feel like I don’t have as an inclusive legacy as other people do- with cousins being featured and spares given the chance to show their faces. As it is, I had to leave Sage and Basil behind in Twinbrook. But there you go, this is what I get for playing on a Mac. :\


Nevertheless, the rest of the family is incredibly excited about the move.


You still have to go to school, Coco. It’s just a new one.

Coco: No more algebra! Woo!



I decided to let the family goof around a little bit, because I was feeling nice or something I guess. Sonny bounces around on the trampoline while Justin utilises the slip’n’slide.

Justin: I’ve bruised all over

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 17.25.31.png

I just wanted to include this screen cap of Sonny’s family tree, because I think it’s cute 😊


It’s a nice, warm spring day, so Vincent and Coco sit outside playing together in the sand pit.


Coco: Do you ever think love is a bunch of hooey? I mean, my mom never even married my dad, and now he’s all the way back in Twinbrook and I’ll never get to see him!

Vincent: Uhhh…..

That’s a pretty intense topic of conversation there, Coco.


Floyd distracted me by being cute and nudging his ball around the garden 🐶


When I looked back over, Coco had abandoned the sand pit and was busy sniffing a flower she picked from the garden. You do you, Coco.


Vincent’s just happy he can be alone with his sandcastle.


Coco tries out the slip’n’slide, too, and proves to be pretty boss at it.


Then I switched back to Vince and saw this happening.


Peach: I’m teaching you a valuable lesson about hard work, kid. It never amounts to anything.


Vincent: But that took me so long to make it!

Peach: Dreams die, kid. Plus, it was pretty shitty to begin with so who cares? Now, DIE, STUPID CASTLE!!

Oh my god, Peach, you’re such a sadist.


I’m sorry, that your aunt is such a jerk, Vince.


Vincent: I am officially scarred for life. *sigh*


Luckily Nicola came out and whipped up some vegetarian fish and chips for dinner, and everyone got pretty distracted from the conflict. Phew!


After dinner, Vince decided to play with something that Peach couldn’t destroy.

Vincent: Meet my trusty steed, Jericho!

Coco: You’re such a loser.


Zu, meanwhile, is pretty content playing with her new BFF Floyd, who will take all the belly rubs he can get.


And Sonny spends most of his time cradling a brick with a face on it…..

I wish I was lying.


It’s bedtime! Floyd sleeps in a bed at the end of Zu’s bed, which I find so adorable.


Vincent? What are you doing, aren’t you supposed to be in bed?

Vincent: I’m checking to see if I left my stash of almond cookies under here…


MonsterDid someone say almond cookies? Oh man, gimme some, I love those 


Vincent: Ahhhh! Run for the hills Floyd! The monster wants to eat my cookies!

Floyd: [Hurk]


Eventually Vincent summoned the courage to come back to his room, but he slept in Coco’s bed since she was sleeping in the treehouse.

Vincent: He’ll never get my reese’s pieces up here.


The next day was time for Floyd to get a flea bath, because he’d had them for a while (bleurgh!). Nicola had the highest relationship with him out of all the adults, so she was the one to give it.


Clean and flea-free, Floyd promptly fell asleep in one of the armchairs and I thought it was note-worthy because it was cute, okay!


Pepper had the opportunity where she needed to train another sim, and Sonny was around, so…

Pepper: Come on dad, put those scrawny little arms to work!!!


Pepper: You’ll never get fit if you don’t put the effort in, soldier!! I’ll nail your ass to this exercise machine, if I have to, don’t test me!

Sonny: Oh my lord, my daughter is terrifying.


Vincent: Your days of law-breakin’ are over, sonny-boy! I’m gunna hang your ass to dry on that there gallows.

I think Vincent’s been hanging out with the Appaloosa kids too much


Vincent: Oh you think you can run? Jericho and I will catch you soon enough: YEEHAW!


Zu was invited over to a friend’s house after school, but the only person who was there was this guy wearing a crop-top. Perhaps it’s time to come home now, Zu.


Later in the night, something terrible happened.


Sonny: Nicola! Darling!


Nicola: What?


GRIMHEY guys, sorry I’m late. Traffic in the underworld was MURDER. Ha-ha, geddit?

Peach: He’s back! And telling bad jokes?! I thought this day couldn’t get any worse!!

GRIMAll right, well, no need for that.


Nicola had achieved her LTW, and had a pretty swell family, so she wasn’t too upset about being carted off to the afterlife.

Nicola: I’ve lived a long and happy life. Now, I’m about ready for some rest.

GRIMThat’s the spirit!


Zucchini: No, ma! Don’t leave me!

Honestly I almost teared up when Zu started crying. She and Nicola had a really strong bond, considering she wasn’t even Nicola’s kid (by blood, I mean). This makes me sad.


Nicola goes into the graveyard with Stiles and Di. I don’t know why she hasn’t got a platinum gravestone, either, because she definitely deserved one?

Nicola may have only been a spouse, but she was very much an important member of the Budge household. She was a great matriarch, and she made me laugh, and I’ll miss her adorable self. 😦 Love you, Nicky.


Pepper and Justin were too far over the other side of the house when Nicola died, so neither of them woke up. Pepper still seemed to sense it somehow, even in her sleep.

Justin just dreamt about Floyd.


Floyd did actually seem upset with Nicola’s departure, because he started digging in the backyard, which he never did before.


So Justin took him for a walk to burn off some of that frustrated energy.


Without Nicola to cook for us anymore, someone else has to take over the cooking duties, and Pepper has the highest skill in it.

Pepper: Oh, ma, the smell of carbonara reminds me of you!!!


Pepper: I can’t stand it! I miss her too much!!

Me too, Pepper ☹️


With all the sadness and shock surrounding Nicola’s death, I forgot that it was time for Zucchini to grow up! She did so at the top of the stairs, right as everyone was going to bed, because screw ageing up in a convenient location, am I right?


The location of growing up resulted in…a lot of awkwardness.

Vincent: Can you please get your crotch out of my face, Zucchini?

Zucchini: No can do, squirt!


Eventually she does, and promptly gets a makeover!! She’s so adorable, I love her.

Zu had friendly locked in as her next trait, to go with easily impressed, loves the heat and dog person.


The first thing she did after ageing into a teen was cry about Nicola. Way to make me sadder, Zu!

Zucchini: She never got to see me grow up *sniffles*

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 18.27.21.png

Sonny has already rolled the wish to get married again… although really I think he means he wants his wife back.


Even Floyd senses the sadness coming from Sonny. He spends most nights in the bed with him.


Although he still has trouble sleeping. He got up like, five times in the night to cry about Nicola.

Sonny: My love! Where have you gone?!


So I sent him to sleep in Peach’s bed for the night so he wouldn’t keep getting up.

Love to see that Peach stays true-to-form and continues to hate children even in her sleep.


Even though everyone is sad about Nicola, they still have to go to work! Sims don’t get grief-leave, unfortunately.


Sunglasses: Well damn, don’t I look fine in this scuba suit! My ass is sizzlin’! Tsssss

Peach: Every time. They touch their butts every. Single. Time.


Back at home, Floyd howls for Nicola

Floyd[Cooooome baaaaack]


In fact, everyone is still majorly bummed.


Pepper deals with her son’s sadness the only way she knows how- by giving him a firm salute.

Pepper: If you repress your feelings they’ll go away faster! *eye-twitch*


Vincent: It’s okay, mom, you can be sad.

Pepper: I’m…not… *sob*


To get things onto a more neutral ground, maybe, Vince then started regaling his mother with a number of complaints about school.

Vincent: -the schoolbus isn’t even a proper bus like we used to have! It’s just a van! Painted yellow!


Vincent: Everything smells like horse as well. And I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.


I feel like I don’t point out how cute Justin is enough. Look how cute!


Justin: EE! You think I’m cute! I’m gonna tell EVERYONE.

Sure you can, but first I think there’s something else you need to do…


Justin: Aw man! Now I’m grey and droopy!

Yup, completely forgot about the young again potion and now Justin is an elder! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.



Justin: Am I still cute, though?


Justin: Damn it!!


Actually, I gave Justin a makeover, and he does still look pretty cute. He got the famous sweepy inventor-hair. Also, I just realised how huge his ears are. Woah 😲


Zucchini: Hey dad, it’s time.

Sonny: Time for what?


Zucchini: Time that I do what I was sent onto this earth to do! Harvest all of your organs and turn you into a mindless worm!!!!



Zucchini: Ehehe! Just kidding! See? It’s only a rubber duckie!

Sonny: Holy macaroni, Zu! You can’t do that to me- I’ll have a heart attack!


Zucchini: Don’t worry, dad. If I ever were to harvest your organs I’d do it when you were asleep! There’s a much higher success rate if I do it then.

Sonny: …


In slightly less disturbing news, Nicola came to visit! But all she did was play on the computer :\

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 16.58.17Screenshot-29

And this terrible set of pictures is here to let you know that Pepper maxed her athletic skill! Hooray!

Pepper: Eh, I feel no difference.


Because she doesn’t need to sleep anymore, Zu took Floyd out for an early-morning walk in the rain.


Unfortunately, I sent her out too early (apparently), and she promptly got arrested by an invisible cop.

Floyd was left out in the middle of the road, just fyi.


Sonny: I get dragged out of bed at five am because you were out hooligan-ing. What is the meaning of this?!


Zucchini: Chill, dad, I was just walking Floyd.

Sonny: That’s it! You’re grounded missy!

Zucchini: What?? But I didn’t even do anything!

I think someone’s still sore after the prank you pulled on him.


Apparently the fighting was all too much for Peach, and she promptly fainted in the middle of the living room.


After a few hours of recovery-naps, Sonny decided that perhaps he was being a bit too harsh on Zu. (Plus, he wouldn’t let her go to school which was stupidly annoying, so I made him forgive her)

Sonny: I know things have been tough on all of us since… since, well, you know. I was a bit short with you, Zu, I’m sorry.


Zucchini: I get it, dad, but thanks for apologising. Can I go to school now?

Sonny: You’re supposed to be at school?!

Let’s go check in with Peach to see if she’s calmed down now that everything’s patched up between Sonny and Zu.


Peach: Oh my god!!!

What is it?

Peach: Her boobs are so much perkier than mine!!!!


Justin and Pepper’s relationship has dropped quite a bit, because they don’t do much autonomous mushy stuff like Di/Stiles and Nicola/Sonny used to do. Justin desperately wants to make things better, but Pepper isn’t so sure.

Or it might be more due to the fact that they never see each other and Pepper has forgotten that Justin is an elder now.

Justin: Pepper, darling? I’m your husband, can’t we at least try to make this work?

Pepper: Noooo, Justin is way younger than you are, creep! How did you even get in here, anyway?


Pepper, that is Justin. He’s an elder now.

Pepper: Huh?


Pepper: Oh! I’m sorry, sweetheart, you just look so different and I’ve been so busy working…

Justin: It’s okay, Pepper. I’ll forgive you!

He’s just happy to be noticed, honestly.


Trixie, Zu’s imaginary friend, grew into a teenager (which is always super-weird because, like, teens certainly wouldn’t have an I.F anymore??)

I had Zu try some mind-control on her.

Zucchini: Your impulses are mind to control! I can tell you to do anything I want! MUAHAHA!

Trixie: I’d do anything for you anyway, boss!

Oh yes, I forgot that I.Fs are basically mindless servants anyway. Damn it.


I clicked back into the house and saw that Justin was reading Vince to sleep in his own bed!!! This is a noteworthy event because they always do it in the wrong beds, usually.

Justin: This book is fascinating, Vincent! Everything you need to know about the vast, complex world of playing chess!

Vincent: Seriously?? This is the last time I ever let you pick the book, dad.


Justin: Chapter one- transcendental chess. In transcendental chess the beginning positions of the pieces on the back row are randomly determined, with the one restriction that the bishops be on opposite-colored squares. There are 8,294,400 such positions in total-

Uh, Justin? The kid’s asleep.



Justin: -Oh! That was quick! I must be better at reading than I thought!

Yeah, it has nothing to do with the material you chose to read at all


Justin: Goodnight, son. Have sweet dreams of chess battles, tonight.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 18.36.41Screenshot-59.jpg

As I mentioned before, Zucchini no longer needs to sleep at night anymore. Instead, her ‘energy’ bar has been replaced with a ‘brain power’ bar. This she can regenerate by sitting down in bed and staring at some weird shapes and symbols for a few hours.

I dunno, it’s weird.

Zucchini: Pretty.


The next day is the summer festival!! I sent the whole family out to have some fun at the park for the day.


Pepper, Vincent, Justin and Sonny all line up for the hotdog eating contest. Nicola would be horrified, but oh well!


May the best (and greediest) sim win!


Halfway in, and it looks like we got Pepper and Sonny, neck-and-neck. Justin looks like he’s about to cry.




Pepper wins!


Tbh, I’m not too surprised at her winning, since she is essentially bionic-woman at this stage of her life. If anyone can cram in calories like a champ, it’s Pepper.


Justin, you don’t have to eat anymore. Your wife already kicked your ass. Justin?

Justin: Mrrmphffff!

We’ll let him get on with…whatever he’s doing.


Peach was skating in the rink and then scarf-lady approached her so they could hold hands while skating?

Peach: And her boobs still look amazing!

Scarf: Thanks, hon ☺️


Vincent decided to get wild after the hotdog eating contest and made himself a sweet snow cone. Are you sure you have room for that?

Vincent: There’s always room for snow cones!


Coco went even crazier and did her homework on the floor! Woah!!!


I got distracted then by Kenji Midden, who was standing beside her. Kenji was the co-founder of my previous sims 3 legacy, the Early Legacy, which got to generation 6 before I sort-of quit. I might still finish it one day, idk.

Kenji: You’d better!


Sonny rolled a wish to get his face painted, but, well…


Sonny: I look like a PANDAAAAAAAA!



Because she hates the outdoors, Pepper left the festival early and went home to hang out with her one true love, the tv.


Justin was forced to hang out and eat snow cones with Zucchini, since everyone else was busy.

Justin: So, uh, y-you got the strawberry there?

Zucchini: Let’s not talk.

Justin: Oh. Okay.


Eventually I dragged Coco away from her homework, and sent her and Vince to go play on the rollerskating rink.


Zu went home to play in the garden, because festivals are lame.


She’s also been infected with the sneak-bug, which I can’t fix for the life of me. It’s very annoying.


The entire family (minus Pepper) being at the festival gave her the chance to try something out…

Zucchini: Hey, my dad made this the other day, and I feel I should experiment on you.

Trixie: Interesting concoction. The colour is lurid. What is it?

Zucchini: I dunno, but it’s definitely probably not-poisonous.


Trixie: Well, I’ll take your word for it, friend! I know you’ll never do something to purposefully hurt me!

Zucchini: Just shut up and drink it, please.


Trixie: AAAHHHHGG! IT HURTS! EVERYTHING HURTS! It feels like my insides are turning into butter! AIEEEEEE!!

With that dramatic conclusion, I’ll end the update here.

Next timeWe find out the fate of Trixie, birthdays are in store, and other stuff happens, too!


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