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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (3.4)

 I’m getting older, too


I’m back! It’s been a little while, I know, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately.

Let’s see if I can remember what happened…

Last time on the Budge Legacy: Zucchini turned into a child, Vincent and Coco both turned into (adorable) toddlers, Zombies ate our plants and bounced on our trampoline, and the update ended with things at a high temperature for Justin.


We start this update with a slightly less-singed Justin having a fun gossip with Zu.

Justin: I heard that when Peach’s boss died, she collapsed in the middle of the salon!

Zucchini: What a dork!

Well, okay guys, no need to make fun of her for that


Then Zu made the mistake of telling Justin about Trixie.

Zucchini: My invisible friend, Trixie, thinks that inventions are totally overrated, anyhow.

Justin: Your invisible “friend” has stupid opinions.

It’s weird to me how these two are technically brother and sister-in-law. It feels more to me that Zu should be Justin’s niece or something!


Zu isn’t too bothered by Justin’s dismissal of Trixie, since Nicola is eager to read her to sleep.


Look at how cute her pyjamas are! I love them!


I sent Peach over to see how Sage was doing, but his lot was so glitchy I didn’t manage to take many pictures.

He has cats, though, so I guess he’s doing okay.


Zucchini: What the hell are you doing?

Justin: Fixing a shower for a friend.

Zucchini: But why is it in the middle of our house?

Justin: Uhhhhhh…


This picture perfectly sums up a day in Zucchini’s life, I think. Trying to act normal in a house full of weirdos.

Zucchini: *sigh*


At least some of the weirdos are also incredibly adorable.


Trixie: Damn, Zu, you’re the coolest kid I know!

Why’s that?

Zucchini: Wait for it…


Peach: Wait- huh?


Peach: ZUCCHINI!!!


After many rinses, Peach manages to get the dye out of her hair and spins into a cute outfit for work. I don’t know why she suddenly needs glasses but I’ll roll with it.


The Budge’s also got a beekeeping box! Nicola has taken the role of harvesting honey for the family.


Whilst Zucchini makes the most of a snow-day off from school.


Peach and Justin come out to help, because you’re never too old to have fun in the snow!


Zucchini: Thanks guys, bye

Justin: Can’t we come in and play, too?

Zucchini: No.


Maybe you should go and rescue Coco from the snow instead, Justin. How did she even get there, anyway?


Before Justin can save Coco, however, Peach swoops in first and then takes her to play on the springy horse. For someone who “hates” kids, Peach is surprisingly attentive.

Although I dunno why Coco’s outdoor outfit is the only one where she doesn’t have any hair. Seems to be the worst time to not have hair to protect your head??


We finally made enough money to get rid of all those glitchy bills that appeared suddenly on our lot one day. §13,000 worth of bills, that is. Ah well, I guess it’s more realistic anyway.


And hey, good news, the pizza man is here!


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 00.01.29.pngScreenshot-131.jpg

Oh, and Sonny also maxed his logic skill. No big deal, really.


This might be one of the only pictures I have of Justin and Sonny talking. They just kind of co-exist, mostly, though you’d think they’d get along more. Ah well.


Peach has taken over Nicola’s tradition of taking the kids down to watch tv, which is kind of funny and adorable at the same time.


Also if you hadn’t guessed by the appearance of the pizza man, and the formal wear that everyone’s wearing: we are throwing a party!

Nice to see Justin also has random-glasses.


Here’s Zu in her formal-wear, because she looks so cute 💚


Anyway, the party is for Coco and Vincent’s birthdays! Yay!

Coco goes first.

Peach: Happy birthday, sweet-


Peach: Okay, that’s rude


Once the werewolf guy stopped howling, Pepper brought down Vincent to blow out his candles, too!


*toots horn*

And, in a flurry of sparkles…


The fourth generation are children! And they have sparkly custom skin as a birthday gift!

Vince is first. He grew up with the party animal trait locked in (okay??), to go with brave and disciplined. He’s also very cute.


Coco grew up with the virtuoso trait locked in, which goes with her loves the heat and grumpy traits. I find it so cute that Di’s virtuoso trait lives on through each generation!

Coco is also incredibly adorable, although she did inherit the clunky chin/jaw.


Even though it’s dark, I particularly like this picture of Coco, so I thought I’d include it.


Vincent and Coco share a room and sleep in bunkbeds because I think it’s adorable. Also the pin-board is there in honour of Zu.


Speaking of Zu, the new skin seems to suit her, too. I’m quite pleased with it, really!


Peach took my attention by ageing up into an adult in the middle of the night.

Peach: Wait, a what??


Peach: Great, now I’m old!

She immediately had a mid-life crisis, because why not?

Peach: I need at least 10 more tattoos to get through this. And I need to marry, then divorce, Coco’s father.



I had to force Pepper to age up as well, because their ages got all funny and out-of-order again. God, these twins are determined to be far apart in age 😡


Vince is quite a self-sufficient child. He makes himself a muffin for breakfast most days.

Vincent: Well, no-one else will feed me.



I remembered to check in on the kids on the first day, and noticed Coco sitting with Zucchini on the bus. It makes me hopeful that Zu showed her around and looked after her the whole day ❤


While the kids were at school and the adults at work, the elders of the household spent the day larking around, because why not?


Here’s adultified-Pepper, by the way. She’s barely changed, in my opinion.


Although she doesn’t agree.

Pepper: I look haggard. Everything droops where it didn’t before.

ew, tmi.


She still tinkers around the house like she used to as a teen.

Nicola: You fixed that damn tv yet?

Pepper: No, mum, not since the last 600 times you asked.


Peach has also aged very well, but she was still quick to ‘check out wrinkles’ as soon as she got home from work.

Peach: Oh my god, it’s worse than I thought! Where does the time go??


A man in a weird gnome hat turned up with a surprise for Zucchini.

Zucchini: For me? What is it?!

Look behind you, kid.


Yes, the Budge family got a dog!! I’m honestly not much a fan of playing with pets, but I feel like I should let the Budge have at least one family pet. Since Zu is a dog person, it only made sense to get a dog.


This is Floyd, an adult mutt who has the non-destructive trait.

Zucchini: I love him.

I know


Zucchini: C’mon, Floyd, get the rope! Get it!

Floyd: Arf!



Vincent: Why does Zucchini get to play outside with the new dog while we have to stay stuck in here doing homework??

Because Zu has already done all her homework and you’re falling behind, so shush.


Vincent: UGHHH, FINE!


Jeez, what a baby!

Coco: You’re tellin’ me


Let’s end this update with a cute picture of teeny Floyd guarding his food bowl. What a good boy!

Next time: there are BIG changes in the Budge family-life



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