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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (3.3)

The Return of Shuyel Ti’Zuvajug


Welllllcome back! I am in the mood to freak out/have a panic attack today, so to distract myself I am going to write a bunch of Budge updates and try to forget about real life.

Sound good? Good.

Last time on the Budge legacy: Pepper and Justin get hitched, Zucchini grows up into an adorable toddler, Sonny almost dies, and Peach and Pepper both give birth on the same night to generation four! The family welcomes Coco and Vincent Budge to the fold.


The one person who is guaranteed to be excited about the new arrivals is Nicola. At least Coco knows that someone in the house will have her back.

Peach: Here, take her. Do whatever you like, I don’t care. I’m going back to bed.

Nicola: Are you sure you don’t want to spend some quality time with her yourself-?

Peach: I just spent fourteen hours giving birth to her. I think we’re set on ‘quality time’ until she’s about thirty years old.

Nicola: That’s an oddly specific time-frame.


By way of spending her own quality-time with Coco, Nicola took her out for a walk in the pram. I always forget the american name for it…


Pepper doesn’t need Nicola’s help with her own son, Vincent (much to Nic’s chagrin).


Although Peach does do the bare minimum for Coco- y’know, when she absolutely has to.

actually she’s always in there of her own free will. she secretly loves her to bits.


As predicted, Justin is totally in love with being a father.


Like he is a complete sap about being a married man.

Justin: Ah, commitment 🙂

He’s a weird one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 09.50.13.png

ALSO: by the way, this is the family screen now! We have 8 sims in the household, officially. Crazy!


Newsflash: Zucchini is still cute. And, uh, she has an Imaginary Friend toy (which I absolutely hate). As soon as Coco and Vince got theirs, I deleted them. I’ll suffer with only one I.F this generation, thanks.


All too soon, it’s time for generation 4 to turn into toddlers! I am not ready for this at all.

Nicola: Neither am I!


Pepper: HA! Can’t believe my son is turning into a toddler! Lolmao!

Nicola: You didn’t even use that right…


Peach makes Coco smell her armpit as she blows out the candle. What is with these girls and their kids? Oh my.


I did manage to snag a fairly cute picture of Coco’s birthday, actually. Although I don’t know why Sonny is tooting his horn at the pots.


Vincent sparkles first…


Closely followed by Coco!

Pepper: HAAAAAAA. What a dumb name!


Then everyone immediately forgets all about the kids because cake.

Pepper: Did you manage to rent X-Files, in the end? I’m really into government-slash-military conspiracies at the moment.

Justin: Honey, you work in the military. Surely it’s the last thing you want to watch?

Pepper: Just call it home-research, or something.


Anyway, so here’s Coco made-over! She’s very cute, has a lot of Peach in her that I can see (her natural hair colour and all). I’m not sure about the eyes though? I need to pay more attention to my sim’s genetics!


Vincent has inherited a lot of traits from Justin, as far as I can tell. I do see some Pepper in him as well, though.

His favourite colour is spice berry but I hate it, so most of his things ended up very red-looking.


I wanted to get a good picture of Coco in her pyjamas, because they have little pink owls on them and I think they’re adorable, but this is the best I got.

It’s really weird actually, because I keep almost calling Coco and Vince ‘twins’ as well, since they were born on the same night. I think people in the house must feel much the same.


The kids all get along pretty well (as much as toddlers can), and they’re adorable to boot!


Justin has also taken up work as a self-employed inventor, since I guess that’s a way to make money.


A family that skills together, stays together.

Justin is very in love with Pepper. Actually, he wants to have another kid (which is not an option right now).


And the training of the toddlers continues with much haste! Because…


Shuyel: Hello! I have been invited to your species’ inane costume-dressing party to survey the specimen I planted inside your father approximately 10 sim-years ago. I have come as a scuba diver, as I hear the water on your planet is terrifying.

Peach: Oh my god, why.

Yes, Zu’s technical ‘maker’ has come to town.


Peach: Why the hell are they here?

Well, I thought since we’re throwing a costume party, which conveniently coincides with Zucchini’s birthday, it makes sense to invite her creator!


Yes, it’s a costume party! Justin wins points for being the most disturbing.


Sonny decided to be hilarious and dress as a doctor.

Sonny: Hey, untrained medical professionals are the pinnacle of terror! And don’t even get me started on hospital fees!


Hopefully to shut Sonny up, I had him take Zu to the cake. It’s kinda funny how this all fell on the night with the full-moon, as well. (which I forgot to turn off, damnit!)


think that’s Peach in the snow tiger/leopard costume, but I’m honestly not sure? Nicola decided to dress as a burglar, and that’s Sage on the right in another diver’s costume.

Why the divers this year, guys? What’s so scary about them?


Zu couldn’t care less about flawed halloween costumes, however, because it’s time for her to hit childhood!


And what was the first thing she did with her newly acquired capability of coherent speech? Heckle Basil.

Zucchini: Boo! Your costume is about as overused as your name!

Wow, harsh.


I sent Zu off for a quick trip to the wardrobe, and here she is! Cute, right?

She rolled dog person to go with her loves the heat and easily impressed traits.

I tried to find her a good pattern with dogs on, but this was the best I could find.


I also built a cute play-area outside with all the generations stuff. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been really looking forward to having these in my game again!!


One of Zu’s first wishes was to announce her birthday to one of the attendees at her party- a werewolf who works with Pepper. Okay, kid, whatever floats your boat.

ZucchiniIt’s my birthday today, sir! Ten years ago today I was injected into my father and now here I am!

Wolfy: Wow! That story is horrifying.


What’s halloween without a weird/hellish story about forcible pollination?


Zu goes to bed and sleeps soundly, dreaming about becoming an astronaut one day, maybe.


The house got zombie-d, but all one of them did was play on the trampoline all night, and the other one ate the rest of Stiles’ garden (what little there was left).



Zu rolled the wish to check the baking report, which I thought was adorable.

Nicola: How’s it lookin’?

Zucchini: Not good for the raspberry chocolate muffin, ma. Not good at all.


Pepper was going a bit stir-crazy, so she took Vincent out for a nice stroll in the snow. She doesn’t wear a coat because she’s hardcore.


Meanwhile, back at home…


I.F: I’m alliiiiiiiiiiive!


I.F: Hi there, Zucchini, it’s me, Trixie! Thanks for finally letting me have the run of the house, I can’t tell you how cramped it was getting in your pockets!

Zucchini: ….huh?


Nicola is keeping on at teaching the toddler’s their skills. Sometimes they aren’t co-operative.

Nicola: Say ‘bouquet’.

Coco: Nuh!


Coco: Nu-uh!

Nicola: Li’l brat.


Or maybe Coco was just upset because she sensed Grim’s presence in the house.

What the hell are you doing here? Sonny’s back at the beginning of his lifespan, and Nicola’s all the way upstairs!

GRIM: I’m awfully sorry to intrude, but I’m not here for a Budge today.


Oh. Oh no.


GRIM: Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy? Yes you aaaare 🙂

Turns out a stray dog died outside on our front porch…in the snow…

this is horribly tragic.


To maybe let ourselves forget about that horrific event, here’s a montage of Zucchini playing in the playground for the first time:

Okay, so I didn’t take as many photos as I’d hoped.

Still cute, tho.


Then the inevitable happened: Justin set himself on fire.

Justin: uhoh.


Justin: Holymarymotherjesusandmoses!!!!!


Justin: Put me out, put me out, put me out!!

While Justin deals with that fiery predicament, let me end this update here.


Next time: When Justin might put himself out; the Budge’s enjoy winter in full-force, and Zu gets a nice surprise.


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