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Back to Basics – The Budge Legacy (3.2)

Good things come in threes


My game keeps crashing and I don’t know why. This face perfectly encapsulates my own atm, especially considering some personal things going on đŸ˜©Â I am so stressed it’s unbelievable.

Last time on the Budge Legacy: the house had a much needed re-model, Peach had a date, Sonny was abducted by aliens and later gave birth (?) to new baby Zucchini Budge, and Pepper’s co-worker/boyfriend Justin Kayes moved into the legacy house. Phew! Now that’s a lot of stuff! Let’s see what happens this time, shall we?

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 16.50.44.pngScreenshot-64.jpg

Peach was sent this gift by Dan soon after their date. I quite like how it matches the rest of the decor in Peach’s room. How thoughtful of him!


We also got ourselves a chemistry set, which Sonny is spending a lot of his spare time on. I’m hoping we can end up making the Young Again potion to give to Justin, maybe, since he’s already on his way to elder-hood.


Nicola seems to have adopted her old tradition of watching tv with the baby in her arms. She and Zucchini spend some quality time watching gardening shows together.


Until Pepper and Justin get in the way, that is.

Peach: Ugh gross, get a room.


The Budge’s threw a party as a kind of elaborate way to get Peach’s love interest Dan to show up. Also, I always love seeing the spares :3


The plan is very effective!


I also get to witness Justin dancing cutely in the corner, because apparently he’s a huge dork ❀


Perhaps taking heed of her own comment earlier, Peach and Dan get a room away from the rest of the party. There he attempts to entertain her- it doesn’t work.

Peach: What are you, five-years-old? Stop that.


Dan: Oh. Right, sorry. killjoy


A couple of days later, Peach wakes up to an unpleasant feeling…


A feeling that draws her, strangely, to Zucchini’s room.

Peach: Ugh, kids are the absolute worst, I- gods, I hope this isn’t what I think it is…


Whilst Peach mulls over some potentially frightening possibilities, Justin and Nicola bond through reading in the living room.


And later that evening, it’s time for the new addition to grow up! For some reason, Justin has the honour of taking Zu out of her crib.


A burst of colourful sparkles…


And here she is! Such a cutie, I love her ears! â˜ș


Then, the inevitable.

Peach: Pregnant? Guess that makes sense.

Justin: Oh shiiiiiiiii-


Suddenly, the camera drags me to Sonny and Nicola’s room. What do you think you’re doing?!

Sonny: Dying, apparently.

Peach & Nicola: *simultaneous gasping*

How did you get in here so fast?


Pepper runs into the room, then through it, into the bathroom next door to throw up everywhere.

Pepper: It’s the grief! It’s hard on my stomach!

Uhuh, yeah sure. 😏


Grim appears, and deciding the bedroom is too crowded he takes Sonny to the nursery to die in.

Sonny: Can’t we do this in the hallway? I don’t want to scar my child, after all.

GRIM: Ah, it’s character-building.

Sonny: What is? Seeing me kick death’s ass?

GRIM: Excuse me?


Sonny: Bet you didn’t expect this!

GRIM: Oh, for me? That’s so sweet! You shouldn’t have đŸ€—


GRIM: No-one’s ever given me such a thoughtful gift before. Here, let me return you to your mortal form while I find a good place to put this. I’ll be right back!

Turns out “right back” for Grim has a different meaning than it does for sims. Sonny steals an extra 14 or so days of life! Woah! I had no idea the death flower reset their age bar??


Promptly after Sonny’s near-death, Pepper discovers that she is pregnant, too! Mind, this is literally the same day that Peach popped as well. This’ll be fun!

Nicola two separate wishes that both the girls would get married, because single mothers aren’t allowed, surely? And the twins both wishes that they’d have boys. Guess we’ll see!!


Justin wakes up super stoked by the news that he’s going to be a dad! He spends some quality time with Zu to see if he’s got the father-role down.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 17.32.36

He also rolled the wish to marry Pepper, but I’m gonna wait to see if she gets the want, too. She’s the heir, so it’s her choice, after all!


Peach: So, it looks like we’re both pregnant now.

Pepper: Looks like it.


Peach: Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Pepper: I was gonna…touch your stomach. Y’know, I thought it would be cute?

Peach: No touchy! Just because my womb is fertilised, doesn’t mean you get to rub your dirty hands all over it!

Pepper: All right, no need to get weird about it.


Peach: What’s weird is how everyone goes ga-ga over babies like it’s some amazing event. People have been having kids for millennia! Why does everyone need to rub their bellies and throw stupid showers and act like this is some life-altering thing? Just pop out the kid and be done with it!

Pepper: Gee, that’ll teach me for trying to get excited about this :\


Luckily for Pepper, there is someone in her life who is excited about the impending arrival, and that’s Justin!


Peach does figure that she should probably inform the father about the baby.

Peach: So, seems like you knocked me up somehow.

Dan: Really?? That’s…fantastic! Wow!

Peach: No need to act excited about it. Whatever, you can see it if you like, y’know, at birthdays and stuff.

Dan: Should we…I dunno, get together or something? Move in? Get married?

Peach: That’s stupider than the face you tried to pull at me the other day. Just, come in for now, and we’ll hang out. No need to get crazy and start talking about marriage and stuff. One step at a time, please!


Dan does come in, and they hang out. I wonder how that feels, sitting in between the pregnant twins?


Tbh, I’m no fan of kids, but even I would want to spend time with Zucchini. She’s so adorable!


Over the days, the twins get bigger, and everyone takes it in turns to teach Zu her skills. Being an alien, it goes much faster than it does for human sims. Wow, I’d like some of that brain power for the future kids! Teaching them is usually a nightmare!

Screenshot-127.jpgScreen Shot 2017-10-09 at 17.55.54.png

One day, while watching tv, Pepper thinks maybe it would be nice to get married to Justin.


She finds him standing outside on the deck.

Pepper: Hey, I need to ask you something.


Pepper: Wanna get married?


Justin: DO I EVER??????


I think that meant ‘yes’.


Pepper: Well, then, why don’t we just get married right now? Forget the bachelor parties, forget the aisle, forget the cake- let’s just do it right here, just the three of us.


Then, because they were feeling sappy or whatever, Justin and Pepper got married in their backyard.


Justin immediately goes to celebrate with the only person who cares.



Justin: I’m married now! I’m somebody’s husband.

Zu: Ok.


Peach: God, being pregnant is garbage. People who say this is a miraculous thing all deserve to be bitten by ants for eternity. My feet hurt, my back is constantly sore, and let’s not even start with the constant gas!


Pepper: I’m just gonna ask this one more time, but are you absolutely sure you wanna raise this kid by yourself? Like, you’re not the person I would pick to have or raise a child, to be perfectly honest. For a new outfit, you’re the first person who comes to mind, but a child??

Peach: Hmmm. Hold that thought.

Pepper: Why?


Peach: Because I’m going into labour!!!

Pepper: oh boy.


Because she’s a great sister, Pepper takes Peach out to the hospital to give birth. Can you imagine seeing these two walk in through the front doors?!


A few hours pass by, and then Peach emerges with her new daughter, who she names Coco (obviously after the legendary designer Coco Chanel).

Coco is born with the traits loves the heat and grumpy, and her favourite colour is lilac.

Peach: I am never doing that again. For anybody.


Literally a few hours after they get back from the hospital, Pepper goes into labour.


This time she has Justin escort her to the hospital. Not that he’s the best support in the world…

Justin: Pepper? What happened to you in there??? I thought you just went in to have the baby?

Not-Pepper: Excuse me?


Pepper: I’m right here, dumbass. That was the doctor.

Justin: oh. Right.

Pepper: Now let’s go have this baby!


More hours go by, and then Pepper emerges with her son; Vincent Budge.

Vincent was born with the brave and disciplined traits. He likes the colour spiceberry, which makes me want to punch someone.

Next time: The new arrivals settle in to life at the Budge household, and Pepper and Justin get used to being hitched!


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