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Back to Basics – The Budge Legacy (2.1)

A wedding in a funeral


I seem to have sims get in the way of my pictures more often than not. Turns out to be handy when I want to post a title photo that isn’t too spoiler-y though!

As usual, the ‘last time’ is under the cut.

Last time Diana turned old, Dusty had probably one of the worst birthdays ever, Sonny stole his girlfriend, and Stiles died doing what he loved best- gardening.


Diana: Oh, my love, my heart breaks for you!!!

The one thing about ts3 sims is that deaths are so much sadder when everyone’s hearts break. I know, the moodlet only lasts a day or so, but it’s still sadder than ts2, when everyone forgets within the hour.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.10.29.png

Despite her heartbreak, Diana still managed to get promoted at work, and she’s completed her LTW! Just think, if he’d lived one more day Stiles could have seen her achieve her dreams šŸ˜©


Perhaps realising how quickly life goes, Sonny invites Nicola back over the following night.

Sonny: I’m sorry to call you so late, but I have something I really need to say to you…


Nicola: What are you doing, Sonny?


Sonny: In the short time we’ve been together, you’ve made me happy beyond my wildest dreams. Will you marry me, Nicola?

This might be more romantic if your father hadn’t died here the other day. His grave is right there, Sonny!


Nicola: Of course I will, you idiot!!


I suppose that’s one way to deal with your father’s death.


The other is apparently scaring everyone you love half to death.



Dusty: Oh god! He’s right!!

Marley: I may be a dick, but I always speak the truth.


Diana threw a funeral for Stiles, which is my first time doing it in the Sims 3.


I have no idea who this guy is, but he served as a good shoulder for Di to cry on.

Diana: Having stuff in common with people reminds me of Stiles!Ā blubber

ThisGuy: Uh, there there?


After she gathered herself, Diana played a melody that reminded her of her husband. Seemed to get straight to Marley’s “evil” core.

Marley: I might be evil, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss my dad!


Nicola was one of the guests invited to the funeral, being Sonny’s fiancĆ© and all.


And while everyone else is hanging out in the living area, they decide to have a quick, private wedding in the kitchen. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to get married than at a parent’s funeral, to be honest (not).


So Nicola Song becomes Nicola Budge (a rather less pretty last name, but oh well). As said before, Nicola is aĀ clumsy, grumpy, absent-minded, vegetarianĀ with aĀ green thumb. Her favourite colour isĀ blue.

Her LTW isĀ Culinary Librarian, which doesn’t really mesh with any of her other traits, but okay? She also brought only around Ā§1,400 in I think? It isn’t much, but oh well!

She’s very pretty, I think, and has an incredibly strong jawline. I’m curious to see how hers and Sonny’s genetics will mix!


I included this picture because I am in love with Dusty’s formal wear. Don’t you think it’s the cutest suit ever? I do!


Nicola settles in fairly quickly to the life of the Budges. Of course, she and Sonny have had to take over Stiles’ garden to make sure it doesn’t all go. It’s sweet that Sonny is thinking of his dad while he does it! šŸ˜­


I think Diana wasn’t too sure what to think of Nicola at first. I mean, one minute she’s throwing a funeral for her late husband, the next minute her son comes up to her to tell her he’s married and by-the-way, his new wife will be living with them now.

But because she’s a gem, Di welcomes Nicola to the family anyway.

Diana: All I know is you make my son very happy, and that’s fine by me.


Now Stiles is gone, Sonny has to take over some of the odd jobs he used to do around the house, like fixing the darned dishwasher.

Sonny: How did he ever work this thing out?

Don’t ask me!


Life goes on, as it always does.


But then look who decided to pay us a visit!! EEE, HI STILES!

Stiles: Well I’m glad to see my garden isn’t dead. Yet.

I’m glad to see you’re still a grumpy old sod ā¤


I always feel sort of happy and sad at the same time when a dead spouse visits šŸ˜¦

Diana: Stiles! Is it really you?

Stiles: It’s me, my dear! I’ve missed you so much! The afterlife is so dreary without your rockin’ guitar to get me through the day.


He then decides to hog the computer, even though he never paid any attention to it when he was alive.

Oh Stiles, you’ve never made sense to me.


The next day Di holds an autograph signing at the theatre. I’m amused that most of her fans seem to be old fogies like her! Guess they grew up alongside her music šŸŽø

Diana rakes in about Ā§2,800 in total for the signing. It sure pays to be famous!


While all that was going down, Sonny and Nicola grabbed the opportunity to make the most of a quiet house…

Come on, gen 3!!


Then, later that evening, Marley aged up without much fanfare in the middle of the hall. Sorry I forgot to get you a cake!

Marley: That’s fine


Marley: This isn’t though! Can someone get me out of these godawful clothes before somebody sees me?

Well, I dunno, those cargo pants definitely say ‘evil genius’ to me!


Seeing as I’m not completely cruel, I gave Marley a pretty sweet makeover actually. I like how angry-looking his eyebrows are. He seems to have a permanent snarl/smirk, which is very befitting of an evil lord!

Marley rolledĀ workaholicĀ as his final trait, to go withĀ loner, loves the outdoors, evilĀ andĀ slob. His LTW is, believe it or not, to beĀ The Emperor of Evil.

Go forth, Marley, and conquer the world using misdeeds and scare-tactics!

I’ve kicked him out for now, but I hope we’ll see him around town sometime.


What’s wrong with you Nicola? You look upset?

Nicola: It’s just, you’ve had World Adventures installedĀ for a while now, and yet we still haven’t gone on holiday.

Oh, that’s what you’re annoyed about? Well why didn’t you say so?


Let’s go on holiday!

Next time: Nicola and Sonny explore Al Simhara



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