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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (2.0)

New Song

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.22.17.png

Woooo! It’s generation two! *pulls one sad party popper left over from christmas*

Well, not as dramatic as I had planned, but I am still excited! I’ll do a quick ‘last time’ under the cut, and then let’s crack on with this 😀

Last time all three boys aged up into teens (it was a very long chapter), Stiles and Diana both maxed their respective skills, and the Budge family got a goldfish they lovingly named Nickleback. AND I named a newly young-adultified Sonny as my heir!


Speaking of our heir, how’s life treating ya, Sonny? Can you sense that WA is newly installed? Has the very earth you were raised on been rocked beneath your feet?

Sonny: Um, no?

Oh, well. Carry on then.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 14.12.27.png

Stiles rolled this very apt wish which was almost immediately fulfilled when Sonny applied for a job in the Science lab! It is exactly what he wants to be as well, after all.


Sonny: I dunno if you noticed, dad, but after blagging my way through the interview, and despite not having a degree of any kind, I’m a scientist now!

I mean, you clean rat cages mostly, but I suppose that’s one more thing to brag about than you had before?

Stiles: Son, I am moderately proud of you.


I dunno why, but Marley really seems to have taken it upon himself to make his mother’s life harder than it should be.



Diana: Eek! No! I’d rather die!!!


Unsurprisingly, Diana doesn’t take her spooking too well.

Diana: I know grounding isn’t a mechanic in this game yet, but by god, if you do that to me again I can still lock you in your room!

Marley: You wouldn’t dare.


Despite arguments that flare up sometimes, this family gets on too well to argue for long.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 14.23.55.png

Or so I thought, anyway. Really, Marley, that’s evil even for you.


In other news, we have a money tree now! Because she has tonnes of LTH points I’m never gonna spend, I made Diana get the collection helper so we can find more of the rare/unknown seeds.

Hopefully this will be bringing us in a fair chunk of change in no time! *rubs hands together*


And continuing on in her park-birthday tradition, Diana has a lonely elder birthday in the middle of the street.

Diana: Elder? Are you kidding?

‘Fraid not!


Diana: Oooh, all my joints hurt already 😦

It’s always a little sad when your founder turns into an elder. I remember when you were a mere young adult living in the middle of a field! How far we’ve come now!


At least you get to wear cool dressing gowns in your old age now, Di! I totally want her robe, I’m really not kidding.


I do like Diana’s natural silver sheen, BUT since she’s a rocker-at-heart, I decided it would be best to not only dye her hair back, but to go all out. She now has bright red tips!



what a lovely song, Di.


Uhoh! I smell trouble!

Burglar: Hehehe, this crappy little shack doesn’t even have any alarms! This’ll be my easiest night ever…


Unfortunately for this burglar, we have a certain sim known as Sonny in this household.

Sonny: U done fucked up now.


Uh, this picture looks a little compromising.


Having a brave sim is so handy. Or, it would be, if the brave sim were anyone other than Sonny

Sonny: Where’d she go? And where did all this dust come from? This floor isn’t even dusty!


Sonny: Gahhh! My poor behind!

Dusty: Oh my god, you can’t even beat up girls right.


Dusty: Wait! Is she still here??? OMG PROTECT ME DAD

Stiles: Nope, I’m outta here.

Sonny: I hate my family.


Poor Dusty had to go through that trauma on the night before his birthday! Nevertheless it goes ahead as planned. And Sonny decided to step into frame just as I was taking the picture. Probably as revenge against Dusty’s scorn.


Stiles: Eugh, what’s that rotten stench? Does he normally smell like that?

It’s probably the dirty plates behind you Stiles, but well done on insulting your son on his birthday!

Dusty: My dad loves me really (I think).


God guys, can’t you let me take at least one nice picture for Dusty’s birthday?

Sonny: I’m too busy being disgusted. You guess why.

Stiles: Dirty plates you say, well they must be cleaned up immediately!

Di Marley: *phase into each other*

Dusty: Sigh, never mind.


I don’t know why it’s only Dusty, but I seem to be such a dunce about remembering to take a picture of him after he’s aged up (oopsie!) So this’ll have to do, lol.

Dusty got bookworm as his final trait, which goes with artistic, excitable, friendly and light sleeper. His LTW is to be an Illustrious Author.

I’m actually really glad he rolled bookworm, because it really suits his personality! Even though he’s not heir, I’ll be hanging onto Dusty a while longer, at least until he gets some portraits out of the way!


Instead of taking a picture of Dusty, I took one of the house instead, because we finally have a separate kitchen/diner and a sort of living area!! And the boys all have separate rooms at last! Better late than never, anyway 🤗


Diana immediately makes use of the space to jam out on her guitar.

Diana: I like the acoustics in here!


Also, in case you were curious, this is what the item collector reward looks like! It’s actually kind of annoying, but you can turn it on and off as you please. I probably won’t buy it again unless I really need it for some reason. I’m not much of a collector in the sims, so it doesn’t really matter to me!


I can’t believe Dusty’s still painting stick figures when I want him to make everyone’s portraits! This is gonna take a really long time…


I was thinking about who I could get Dusty to marry when I finally let him leave the house. The only friend he really has in his panel is a woman called Nicola Song, who you might remember was Sonny’s first friend he brought home!  They stayed friends all throughout high school, and Dusty made friends with her too, so she should be quite easy to woo.

I got Dusty the observational trait quickly to see if they’re compatible, and found out that Nicola’s first three traits are clumsy, vegetarian and green thumb. Hm, sounds perfect for someone, not Dusty but…


Sonny! Luckily he’s just finished work, so he can come out and catch up with an old friend!

Sonny: Oh, hi Nicola! Long time no see!

Nicola: Well hello Sonny! I didn’t know you still lived here.

Dusty: …

I’m sorry Dusty! We’ll find someone for you next time, I swear!


Using Sonny, I find out Nicola’s last two traits are grumpy and absent-minded. I think she’s perfect for Sonny, but let’s see if he agrees.


Nicola: You look so different with a beard.

Sonny: Oh. Don’t you like it?

Nicola: No, I do. It’s nice ❤



Sonny: Listen, I know this might seem a bit…out of the blue, but, seeing you again has brought all these feelings back. Did you wanna, maybe, be my girlfriend?

Seems a bit hasty, but when it’s right, it’s right, I suppose.

Of course, Nicola said yes.


Dusty, meanwhile, sadly paints what’s probably the worst portrait I’ve ever seen. How did you mess up her face so bad?!

Dusty: I can’t help what the paint does. I’m a mere vessel used to transcribe its message…

Oh, go and do something useful.


Since Dusty’s last book ‘Invasion of the Cheeto Snatchers‘, was such a huge hit (apparently), I get him started on another one. I forget the name of it now though.


Suddenly, the game’s camera drags me over to the garden. I figured Stiles might have wet himself or something, but it’s much worse!!!


Stiles: Oh.

No, Stiles! Don’t go! We still need to complete your LTW!!!


Diana: Stiles?? What’s going on?

Dusty: Daddy, no!


GRIM: ‘Sup?


GRIM: I’m here to collect your soul, yada yada yada. Can you do me a solid and just jump into that grave over there?

Stiles: I refuse!

GRIM: *sigh* It was so much easier in the old days. They’d follow those hula girls anywhere.



I’m so not ready for Stiles to go. I know I didn’t take pictures of him much, but he was very much a rock of this legacy. Look how lovely he made that garden!

Goodbye, Stiles, you were a great co-founder. Don’t be afraid to haunt us!

With that sad, surprising farewell, I will leave you guys here.

Next time: grief, love and adventures Oh My!


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