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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (1.3)

The Good Son


Stiles: OUCH!! this darn machine!

Ah, Stiles, what a good worker-bee. ūüźĚ¬†he’s easily one of the most helpful spouses my sims have ever had.

Anyway, welcome back to the Budge legacy! Our recap will be included under the cut, for fear of *spoilers*.

Last time: Sonny and Dusty both grew up to children, and a new double act called Sonny and Di was formed. Diana also gave birth to the third and final child of the first generation: Marley Budge, who was just about to age into a toddler when we left off!


Speaking of Marley, here he is. I can say with complete confidence he looks¬†really¬†like Diana! He has her skin tone for sure, and definitely has her eye shape and lips as well, I think!! I’m interested to see how his face develops as he grows up.

As a reminder, Marley is evil and loves the outdoors.


And I finally got to change Dusty’s outfit to suit his favourite colour!! Look how cute he looks!


Being an artistic sim, I bought Dusty an easel for his room so he could explore his talents (and build his painting skill). It would be handy to have him gain enough of the skill by his teenager hood so that he can paint all the founder/heir portraits.


Sonny, meanwhile, still enjoys playing chess. I bought an outdoor chess set for him to keep building his skill.


I completely forgot that it was Sonny’s birthday as well today! He gets to age up without the aid of cake, but at least has his birthday carbonara instead?

Sonny: Woohoo. Yay, how lucky I am.


Dusty: *toot*

Sonny: i hope that carbonara isn’t cold.

And so the magical sparkles descend…


Here he is as a teen! He really looks a lot like his dad.

He rolled snob as his final trait, to go with loner, genius and brave.


The first thing he did after changing his appearance was to primp in the mirror.

Sonny: I must make sure I don’t look too pedestrian for my first day at high school, you know.


Di is still trying to max her guitar skill. She’s inching her way up to level 10!


Dusty rolled a wish to swim, so I had Sonny take him out to the pool. I imagine Sonny takes the greatest care to look the most refined that he can in those trunks. He’s probably a sim who doesn’t enjoy the pool, but he’s a good older brother so he’ll do this for Dusty.

He also gets a job as a part-time spa receptionist, which I didn’t get a picture of, but I think it suits him quite well. He hopes it’ll get him discounts on spa packages, at least.


When the boys got back Diana was still skilling, which tells you how long it takes, even with the fast-learner reward!

Sonny: How am I supposed to win the ‘best smile’ award at school if we can’t even afford decent toothpaste???

Dusty: uhhhh…is that a trick question?

As you can see, Sonny always asks the real, hard-hitting questions in life.


And BOOM! With 7,500 LTH points, Diana has mastered her guitar skill! I guess some good has come of never-ending maternity leave after all.

Diana: Booyah, baby!!


Because Stiles is a goober, he chose to age up in the smallest room in the house, which is the toilet.

Stiles: Woohoo, I’m difficult!


Because he’s already an adult, Stiles will be ageing into an elder.

Stiles: Oh shit! I forgot!

Diana: Which jerk is hogging the bathroom now?


Stiles: Nooooooo!


Stiles: I’m so wrinkly now ūüė¶


Fortunately for Stiles, no one cares about his oldness, because it’s time for Marley’s birthday too!


I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing the dinky little tune when toddlers grow up.


Here he is as a child! Still looks really like Diana, but I think he might have Stiles’ mouth? I don’t know, I’m actually really bad at this lol.

He rolled loner as his next trait.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.38.34Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.45.00Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.46.26

Because I’m lazy and I don’t bother to crop these pictures anymore (oops), I’ll just tell you what they say as well:

  • Di got a party thrown for her at work for being such a good coworker.
  • Stiles earned ¬ß90 at the grocery store (he works there part time now)
  • Di got her certificate for maxing her guitar.
  • Dust lost out on a free game

Less actually happened than I thought (lmao), but you get the gist. Most of this is just filler anyway because…


It’s Dusty’s birthday now! Because he’s a loser, he insisted on doing his homework before he aged up (even though there is literally no reason to). I tried to stop him, but he really wanted to, apparently. I’ve ingrained the worker bee spirit into him too hard!!

Also, the kid sitting next to him is Marley, if you hadn’t already guessed.

Marley: I’ll do the dishes for a month if you finish my geography homework for me, Dust.

Dusty: No can do, squirt, I’m onto percentages now!


Dusty doesn’t just grow up, he shoots up like a rocket ship!

Dusty: These sparkles give me buoyancy!


Marley: You look like a dork!

Marley is an evil sim, but I think he’s more an annoying kid brother than anything else.


Dusty: I don’t look like a dork, do I?

Mm, let’s wait until I get you made over before we decide.

Marley: *toots*


I’m an idiot and forgot to grab a good pic of Dusty in CAS, so here’s a shitty picture I got of him post-makeover in game. It doesn’t matter so much, because he still looks pretty similar to Sonny, anyway.

He rolled¬†excitable¬†to go with¬†light sleeper, artistic¬†and¬†friendly. A right ball of sunshine, aren’t you Dusty?

Dusty: Eh.


Perhaps feeling a little sad that her last baby is now the only child in the family, Di takes Marley out for a(n aggressive) game of catch.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.11.19.png

She also rolled this wish soon after Dusty’s birthday, which says it all really.

Also: NO. NO WAY.


Despite being a teenager now, Dusty still severely lacks in artistic talent. Really, Dusty? That’s the best you could do?

Dusty: At least it has a head this time!


Even though Stiles is head gardener of the house now, Di still helps out whenever she can. It’s amazing how much her tiny little garden has grown already!


But of course, Di has priorities of her own. She gets picked up in a tour bus now! Snazzy!


Dusty got a job in the bookstore (which is, like, my dream). I wouldn’t make my kids get jobs normally, but a) they both wished for it and b) it’s pretty much all teen kids can do in their spare time.

Dust and Sonny are both doing pretty well at school actually. Let’s take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 18.07.11
A thesis on the science facility’s operations? Sounds suitably boring.
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 18.07.23
Meanwhile Sonny reads a book.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.57.43

And Stiles completed the plumber skill challenge (woohoo?)


Diana held a concert in the theatre, and I realised that everyone in the family could attend for free, so I sent Sonny and Marley to check it out.

Marley: In your chemistry classes, do you ever happen to come across any rat poison? I’m not asking for any particular reason, but could you get some if you really,¬†really¬†wanted to?

Sonny: *I feel like I should be more concerned, but that concert was too cool*


Marley managed to catch a goldfish, which I promptly named ‘Nickleback’, because why not? He’s a good fish. mostly just glubs around in his bowl all day.


Man, my boys are such good little worker bees, just like their mum and dad!

(Oh, and you can see Dusty’s disastrous attempt at a painting behind Sonny’s head.)


Sonny keeps wishing for a telescope, and I thought I’d indulge him. Not only does it gain me LTH, but I can make him build his logic skill on it too!


He immediately takes a peek through it, though what there is to be scared about with stars is beyond me.

Sonny: It’s¬†space. Space is¬†scary!


Stiles is still around. I feel a bit bad for him because I almost never take pictures of him, but really all he does is tend the garden, bathe, eat, sell the produce and then go to bed before doing it all over again. It’s a bit of a tedious job, really, so I’ll be glad when we have enough money to not have the garden anymore!!

It really is becoming useful, though, we’re starting to get a lot of money from the harvests now!


Enough money at least to finally upgrade the dining room table! Now the whole family can eat together rather than dotted all around the house!


And Dusty can do his homework on it, which is the most important thing of all!

Dusty: I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.


I can’t believe Marley is having three birthdays in one chapter (d’oh), but here it is! This is exactly what I meant about having the kids too far apart in age by the way. Because Marley is the youngest, he got far less screen-time as a child. Oh well!


Instead of levitating his way to teenage-dom, Marley just explodes into sparkle-dust.

Stiles: Yay, my son is vapour!


Not really. But he is now apparently attached to the desk for the rest of his life.


Post-makeover in CAS. Marley is very…strange looking. I don’t quite know how to describe it… perhaps Diana’s features don’t transfer well onto boys? Oh well, it might just be teenage awkwardness anyway. We’ll wait until he is an adult before passing any judgement.

Marley rolled slob to go with evil, loner and loves the outdoors. Some catch you are, eh, Marley?


Diana got promoted to Lead Guitarist, and also got this super hawt outfit too. Is that all leather? And a choker? What kind of band are you in??

can i join?


Aaand I didn’t get a very good picture of it, but Stiles maxed his gardening skill! Ka-ching! Hopefully this means even¬†more money out of his harvests ūüėÄ


I realise this update is very, very long, so I’m ending it on Sonny’s young-adult birthday. Can’t believe that generation two is so close now!


Because it’s a special birthday, Sonny has a party thrown for him. I have no idea who the boy in the jacket is, but I assume he’s a friend of one of the boys.

Dusty:¬†Special birthday? Pssht, how come he’s so important?

Come on Dusty, be supportive! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but why can’t you be more like Marley? He seems willing to go along with this.


Marley: I put laxative in the frosting.


(Does Marley look very L.A to anyone else right here? He looks like he’s had botox already and he’s just a teen!)


I was gonna take a picture of Sonny blowing out the candle, but the stink fumes in the fridge kept coming into my shot, so have this instead! Look at his cute purple bow tie ahhh!


Here he is in CAS. Quite striking, I’d say (and yes, I made him keep the white tux/purple bow tie combo). He rolled¬†green thumb as his final trait, which is a strange coincidence. So his final assemblage of traits are:¬†loner, genius, snob, brave¬†and that.

His LTW is to Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder!


I gave Sonny some stubble because his face is still a little round and cherub-y, plus I just think it makes sense for him to be this scruffy scientist type.

Also, when I put his face in profile I noticed he looks so much more like Diana like this! He has her forehead and nose for certain!

And I guess this is a good place to announce that I’ve decided Sonny will be heir!!!! He can carry on the garden, he has a good, career-focused LTW, and I’ve just grown very fond of him, to be honest.

So, see you all next time, when we kick of Generation Two!


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