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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (1.2)

The boys are back in town


Hello all, and welcome back to the Budge Legacy, a legacy where I play my way through each Sims 3 expansion pack with every generation! I’m putting the ‘last time’ under the cut in case it spoils anything.

Last time  Diana and Stiles had two children in order to start Di’s very own punk rock group, ‘The Scrotum Punchers’. Since they were both boys, though, they might have to re-think that name. Stiles became a stay-at-home dad/head gardener and Diana turned into an adult.

Let’s get straight into this one!


We start this update off with Sonny’s birthday! Even though he’s been quite an undemanding toddler, I have to say I’m looking forward to him becoming a child. It’s always easier when the kids can start taking care of themselves!


The parents are excited, too. Probably because this means it’s one less diaper to change!

Stiles*prolonged toot*


Diana: Make a wish, kid! You’re gonna have to fend for yourself now.

Stiles: THANK GOD!!


For some reason, after blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, Diana decided to dump Sonny outside to age up next to the garden and then go back in to eat.

Well, happy birthday anyway, Sonny.


One sparkle explosion later, and we have our first child of the legacy! How does it feel, Sonny?


Sonny: Terrifying. I have responsibilities now, I have to go to school.

Sorry, Sonny, but we all have to go through it!

Because I didn’t quite manage to teach him all his skills in time (whoopsie), Sonny grows up with the loner trait locked in.


For his birthday, Sonny gets a snazzy new bed to sleep in, and his younger brother Dusty gets his whole own room! We’re moving up in the world!


The next day I send Sonny out to the gym to be made over, because we certainly can’t afford a dresser with the little money we have. A quick haircut in CAS reveals more of his facial features to us. It seems he does have his mother’s hair, after all, with his dad’s eyes. At the moment, I can mostly see Diana in his face.


I tried to get the spice berry colours into his outfit, but I don’t think I succeeded :\


Because Sonny rolled a wish to play some chess, I sent him over to the park. This way he can earn some logic and have fun at the same time! Although I’m not sure how much they can learn playing by themselves…

Sonny: Hm, now where do I put my knight?


Diana also happened to be at the park and chowing down on some ant-infested picnic food. Put that plate down, Di, and help your son learn some invaluable skills!


Diana: Hey, you know, I played chess the first time I ever came to this park, too!

Sonny: That’s nice, mom, now make your first move and let me crush you in this game.


At home, Stiles is busy fixing things around the house/being generally helpful.


And Dusty has turned into a toddler! As cute as they are, toddlers are probably my least favourite life-stage, because you have to teach them all their skills as well as making sure they eat, sleep and poop okay. Babies are much easier to deal with.


Congratulations, it’s a clone!

Dusty looks exactly like Sonny did at that age, which is kind of disappointing. I hope they start to look more different over time.


Later that day, Diana discovers she is pregnant, and Stiles is so excited he glitches into a door.

Diana: Don’t be like your father, baby. He’s a moron.

I second that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.30.59.png

The family loading screen is so durn adorable now.


Speaking of adorable, have this photoset of general family cuteness. Sonny reads books like a machine, even though he doesn’t have the bookworm trait. I suppose without generations being installed yet, there really isn’t a lot for the kids to do.


Diana and Sonny both get on really well, which I always love. It never makes sense to me that when children are born they have no relationships with their parents. Surely they bond a little in the whole birth-process??


Diana: I’ve got some good news for you, buddy! I’m pregnant!

Sonny: No way! I thought you told dad if it ever happened again you’d put him in his grave?

Speaking of, where is Stiles?


Sonny: I’m really happy for you, mom!

Diana: N’aww, c’mere.


Sonny: Are you finally going to be able to re-start the Scrotum Punchers?

Diana: Fingers crossed!

🤗 Interactions like these are so adorable. ❤


Di and Sonny go back out to the park so Diana can earn some more tips in preparation for the new baby! Sonny hangs out on the swings and then listens to her playing for a while

Sonny: WOW, this music sure is GOOD. If I had some MONEY I would definitely THROW A TIP OR TWO IN.

Real subtle there, Sonny.


Because I’m clearly playing favourites and spamming you with Sonny and Cher Diana, here’s a cute little photoset of Stiles and Dusty.

I love the ‘read with’ interaction, although I never get the chance to use it much.


While she’s on constant maternity leave, Diana is steadily growing her skill points so hopefully her promotions will be quick when she gets back to work!


She also has bags of time to teach Dusty some of his skills, although her pregnancy often forces her to abandon it in favour of peeing/eating/sleeping.


Diana! Why are you playing tag? You’re too pregnant!!

Sonny: It makes her super easy to catch though!

Well she’s probably carrying around a ten pound baby inside her! She’s got to be slow as heck


Diana: aww, baby!

Despite doing my best to make sure it all goes smoothly, this pregnancy has been a little harder on Di than the others, so I’ll be glad when it’s done.


I expanded Dusty’s room at the back so I can put the new baby in there, too. We don’t have enough money to build a new room, so everyone will have to share for now!


The evening proceeds with a quiet kind of calm. Sonny does his homework, and Diana reads a book.




And it looks like I expanded not a moment too soon, for Diana almost immediately went into labour once I was done.

Stiles: Oh god, not again!


I wonder how Sonny feels about this.



That’s a more normal response!


Diana moves to the nursery because it has more room, and Stiles traps Dusty in his cot so he is forced to watch the ‘miracle’ of childbirth.



Well, it’s pretty tame compared to real life. Just some sparkles, a sweet spin and our third and final child is…


Another boy. Huh. Diana is so disappointed she tries to throw him out the window.


Kidding! Even though she’s slightly bummed that she can’t start her kickass girlband, maybe she can start another kind of group instead?

Our third and final child (hopefully) is Marley Budge, who Diana named in honour of Bob Marley.

Marley is born with loved the outdoors locked in, and rolls evil as his next trait. Uhoh, looks like we have a bundle of trouble on our hands!

Diana: He’s too cute to be a bundle of trouble.

The only thing I can tell is that Marley has Diana’s skin tone, which confirms that the other two have Stiles’, and explains why Sonny looked so vampiric in CAS. Also his favourite colour is pink, which I forgot to say before.


Even though she’s just given birth, it’s kind of a rush now to get all of Dusty’s skills learnt before he ages up, so Diana teaches him how to walk in nature.


Because Marley is evil and will inevitably delight in keeping Dusty up all night, I put his new bed in Sonny’s room. It’s a tight squeeze, but it will be better in the long run!


Sonny: Who invented fractions? They’re the worst person in the world!

Dusty: I don’t want this.


Too bad! It’s time for you to join the horrible world of fractions!

Sonny: Don’t do it!

Stiles: Sweet! One less diaper to change


Unlike his brother, Dusty gets to grow up inside.

Sonny Budge
Dusty Budge

We still don’t have a dresser yet, but I can take a peek in CAS to see how his features are developing. He still looks similar to Sonny, but I think his ears stick out slightly more? And his eyes might be farther up, too.

He rolled friendly as his next trait, to go with artistic and light sleeper.


I also had a peek at Diana in CAS to see how she aged as an adult. Still very pretty! I softened her make up a little bit to make sure it doesn’t look too harsh though.


I didn’t get a very good picture of Dusty’s new haircut, but here’s a sweet sideview of his hat. It has the cowboy print on the back, and the rest of it is green.


I always feel fond of my sims when they’re sleeping and not being demanding. I mean, I’m disappointed we didn’t get a girl, but look at my boys! We can shoot for girls next generation.


Diana goes out to earn some tips and finally we are able to expand the kitchen!


And Sonny brings a girl called Nicola Song home from school, which is a really pretty name in my opinion. AND it totally goes with Sonny and the rest of Di’s kids being named after musical artists! Squee!

Nicola: Your land is very lovely around your house. Not the house itself, but it’s a beautiful vista.

Sonny: thanks??


Then she proceeded to turn her back on the boys to do her homework.

Sonny: Did I forget to brush my teeth?

Dusty: She probably just thinks you’re ugly or something.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 16.30.12.png

Now Stiles has gained enough LTH to purchase the Super Green Thumb reward, which will be a huge help in getting his LTW.


And it’s Marley’s turn to transition into a toddler! Are you as excited as I am to see what he looks like? Well too bad! You’ll have to wait till the next update instead, because this one is getting far too long, now.

Next time: rise of the teenagers, and stiles’ garden grows


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