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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (1.1)

Starting the Punk band


Welcome back to the Budge Legacy, a legacy where I play my way through each Sims 3 expansion pack with every generation.  So far, we’re at generation 1, so we’re just playing the most basic version of the Sims 3 you can possibly get.

Last time we met our founder, Diana Budge, who wants to be a rockstar. She quickly met and fell for Stiles McGraw, even though he’s an adult who lives in a house with four other people. They got engaged and Stiles moved in. At the end of the update we discovered Diana is pregnant!


Speaking of pregnant, I guess it’s time for Di to tell the father. Poor Stiles, guy doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.


Diana: So there isn’t really any way to put this lightly- I’m pregnant.

Stiles: WHAT

Diana: yeahh, so I guess we’re gonna have to start saving for, y’know, the crib and the diapers and all the toys and the food and…

Stiles: WHAT


Stiles: Are you sure it’s not, like, a food baby or something? I noticed how you shovelled down those tacos the other night.

Diana: I might be knocked up, but I’ll still kick your ass, McGraw


Diana’s new *ahem* condition calls for a  extra-hasty marriage in the bathroom.


Huzzah! after finding a few things I could sell in Stile’s’ inventory, I was able to actually furnish the rest of the house (sort of). They might be living in darkness, but at least they have flooring, right?

Stiles: Where the hell did my knife go?

I think it’s fine.


Being pregnant means that the Budge family has to be more frugal than ever. Di’s keeping her eye out for discounts on baby wipes and talcum powder.


Despite earlier misgivings, Stiles is pretty excited about being a father. He’s always rolling wants to feel her tummy and give her massages.

Di’s wants to have a girl, maybe to start a girl band with. Fingers crossed, Di!

Diana: We’re gonna be called ‘The Scrotum Punchers’.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 20.21.52.png

With her next set of lifetime points, I get the Multi-Tasker reward for Di to help her reach the pinnacle of her career. Glad I didn’t mis-click and hit the Fertility Treatment instead!


Life hits a steady rhythm for Diana and Stiles. He’s now the head gardener for the household while Di basically does whatever she can to survive comfortably. Pregnant sims are always annoying, but they are a lot better to handle in the Sims 3 than they are in 2.


Hm, the bump’s getting pretty big, Di. Hope I didn’t mis-click after all. We definitely can’t afford twins right now!


Stiles: Hey baby, hope you’re gestating well enough to get a high-paying job once you’re out of there.

Stiles! It hasn’t even been born yet!

Stiles: It’s never too early to start working in this economy.


Perhaps heeding its father’s words, the baby decides to get a head start on that career thing later that evening.

Diana: Hnng! This hurts worse than that time I was sucker-punched in the gut by Misty Tander in sixth grade!!


I send Di to the hospital, because it’ll probably be the only time she’ll ever get to go (any more children will have to be home births). Hope you learn some invaluable tips for the future, Di!!

I enjoy watching the hospital because the sims outside make for great entertainment, if I’m honest.


A few hours and much fast-forwarding from me, finally baby Sonny Budge is born! Because Di is secretly a fan of 60s music, he is named from the duo act Sonny & Cher.

Sonny is a brave, genius and his favourite colour is spice berrywhich I am personally not a fan of because it’s hard to get it exactly right (i can never find it in the colour wheel). Whatever. Welcome to the family, Sonny!


Because we’re still desperately poor, for now Sonny has to sleep in the kitchen/diner space. At least that means Di can always keep an eye on him while she’s doing her chores.


And while you’re still both at home, you might as well get started on the next Budge spawn!

I never like having my kids too far apart in age, because when it comes to heirship I think it’s always the hardest either on the oldest kids (because they get forgotten) or the youngest (because they’re often children).

The only gripe I have with the Sims 3 is that they don’t let us choose who gets to stay home to take care of the kids. It means I’m going to have to put up with 12 days of Diana constantly being on maternity leave, which is really annoying.


Stiles goes out to negotiate a vegetable-cash exchange with his old roommate Cycl0ne Sw0rd (is that how you spell it?)

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 20.47.34.png

I realised that Stiles has built enough LTH points to purchase another reward! I choose to change his LTW, since Swimming in Cash will definitely never happen for him.

I was extremely pleased to see The Perfect Garden was available, which means I can justify Stiles spending all his time there now! Whoopee!


Despite being thrilled now they have Sonny, Di and Stiles still worry about their money situation. They barely have §100 in the household funds as it is. Luckily, in the sims universe, not having much money isn’t that bad a thing. Even if your stuff gets repossessed, you’ll buy it back eventually.


Stile and Diana are really cute with each other, in any case. It makes me glad I picked him actually, because he’s just so doting as a father and a husband.


Diana is pregnant again! This time, Stiles rolls the wish to have a girl. Diana still has hers saved from last pregnancy, so I hope they both get what they want this time around.


Don’t worry though, because the new pregnancy doesn’t mean they forget Sonny! Di is enthralled by him, always picking him up and playing with him whenever she runs out of things to do.


I just wanted to include these pictures because I find them so adorable. Just like last pregnancy, Stiles rolls all kinds of wishes to feel Di’s tummy, to massage her, to read pregnancy books… neither of these two are family oriented but sometimes it sure feels like they are.


Sensing that it’s time to make room for his new little brother or sister, Sonny ages up!


Because sims 3 babies are basically all the same-looking, now I get a chance to check out Sonny’s genetics! I think he’s pretty much the same as his dad. He has his eyes for sure, and I think he has his hair colour, too. Oh well! Maybe we’ll see more Di in him once he grows up a bit.

Sonny: 😦

Why so sad, bud?


Sonny: Don’t want new baby.

Well, tough! You’re gonna have a sibling whether you like it or not.

Even with all his pouting, he’s a very cute toddler!


Later that night, Diana goes into labour again in Sonny’s new bedroom! Way to scar your child for life, Di.

Diana: I don’t caaaare! Unimaginable pain beats childhood trauma!!!

I don’t think that’s true?


I sent Diana out the room, but Sonny followed us anyway.


Sonny: childbirth is beautiful.

Stiles, your son is being creepy. Make him leave.


Stiles goes to take Sonny back to his crib so Diana can have some peace.

Diana: Oh my god! This new baby is making me go cross-eyed!


Much ‘hee-hoo’ing later and we have…


Another boy! Ah well, maybe you’ll have a girl next time, Di?

Diana: There’ll never be a next time!

so you think

Anyway, please welcome Dusty Budge to the family. In truth, I was saving this name for a girl, to name after Dusty Springfield, but I decided to give it to him anyway. Who said names are gender-restricted anyway?

Dusty is an artistic light sleeper and his favourite colour is green. Now that I can work with!


Dusty takes over Sonny’s old space at the back of the kitchen/diner. Hopefully soon we will make enough money to give him a room, too!


With Sonny’s birthday creeping up on him, I get Stiles to teach him his last few skills. I can’t believe he’s almost a child already! He was just born 23 pictures ago!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 21.17.47Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 21.21.26

Di’s grumbling earlier turned out to be empty threats, as she’s as eager as Stiles to have another kid! Now, I wasn’t sure if I wanted three kids, but as they both rolled the wish, we might as well try one more time for that girl!


Sonny: Blocks are stupid!!!

Thanks for that PSA, Sonny.


He doesn’t hate the blocks really. For the most part, Sonny’s been a very undemanding (and adorable) toddler! Thanks for not making my life a misery, kid!

Sonny: You’re welcome!


We end this update with just one more birthday, and it’s Di’s adult one! She grows up in the park after performing tips for the day.

Diana: Woohoo!


Diana: Here we gooooo


Diana: oh god, I’m middle-aged now! I’ll never get to be a rock star!

Don’t be like that, there are plenty of popular older rock stars. Look at Iggy Pop! He still performs plenty, and really well, too!

Diana: I suppose you’re right.

With that, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave off for now. I’m having loads of fun writing these updates though! They’re basically for myself, but I don’t mind 😊 if someone is out there reading this as well, I hope you’re enjoying it!!

Next time: birthdays, birthdays and did I mention, birthdays?


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