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Back To Basics – A Sims 3 Legacy (1.0)

Meeting Di

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 16.57.41
Welcome, all, to my newest venture in the Sims 3 world of legacies. I know, I’m a bit behind everyone else (for all I know, Sims 5 will be out soon), but I do enjoy playing Sims 3 a lot. Though I’m very bad at keeping up with my legacies, I think I’ve thought of a way to keep my interest through the 10 or so generations I will play out.

This is the ‘Back to Basics’ Legacy, where I will be playing each generation through each expansion pack I own. So Gen 1 will be the base game, Gen 2 will be World Adventures, Gen 3 will be Late Night, etc. Until the last few generations, which will be played through with my last expansion Seasons (I never got around to getting University and Island Paradise or whatever it’s called).

So, if you’re interested, read on! If not, never mind- maybe you’ll want to check out some of my other legacies instead?

Now we go onward to Sunset Valley (I mean, where else?) to start this Basic Legacy for real-


And we start with our very own basic founder, Diana Budge. She is totally the vanilla puddin’ kind of sim that lots of simmers abhor: no cc, no expansion pack add-ons, nothing.

“Eurgh, she’s just so… blah,” you might say.

Personally, I kind of love her.

Diana is an over-emotional, clumsy, friendly, frugal virtuoso. Her LTW is to be a Rockstar, and her favourite colour is red. (I’d add her other favourites, but really, the colour is the only one that matters to me).


Here is Diana’s oh-so-humble abode. She has a light, a toilet, a fridge, a counter and a bed. She’ll have to go to the gym for showers for a while.

All of this frivolous spending on electricity and plumbing has left Diana with a grand total of §7 in her pocket. Don’t go too crazy spending it, Di!


Seems Diana isn’t too thrilled with her living situation.

Diana: oh my god, this bedsheet is for kids. How can I be a rockstar when I live like this?

Hey, everybody’s gotta start somewhere.


I send Diana off to the theatre to apply for the music career. Honestly, I get kind of jealous at how easy it is to get your dream job in the sims universe.


At the theatre, Diana meets Zelda Mae (?), who she will be working with at the theatre. She spends a good hour or so schmoozing the poor woman, as a good rock star must.

Diana: Some people might tell you that I virtually live in garbage, but I assure you that’s not true.

Zelda: Okay??


Not gonna lie, I think Sunset Valley is probably my favourite Sims 3 world. I can’t stop taking pictures when I’m in it.


Di spends the rest of her day at the park, getting to know locals and grillin’ up some ‘dawgs. She’s approached by Marty Keaton (?), but since he’s married, he isn’t going to be the co-founder for this legacy. He makes a good chess buddy for now, though!


I just put this in because I love Diana’s face.


Soon, it got dark and Diana got tired so I sent her home. As we were leaving, I caught sight of Gunther Goth playing catch with Malcolm Landgraab in the moonlit park. It was strange enough for me to take a picture of.

But it also made me sad. Geoffrey probably never plays catch with li’l Malcolm D:


At the end of the day, Diana has a changed attitude from the morning. I mean, she’s on the path to her dream career, she met some nice locals, and spent the afternoon playing chess! What’s not to love?


For now, it’s time to rest up so we’re ready for work tomorrow.

I kind of love Di’s bedsheets, even if she doesn’t.


The next day dawns all pink and pretty, and Di gets up early to get some fishing done before work. Don’t you just love her pyjamas?


Ahh, nothing beats watching the sun rise over rippling waters...or something.

Di catches the tiniest minnow in the world, which sells for like nothing.


Then Di heads to the gym to start her day off the way real rock stars do- hitting the juice bar.


For fear of losing Di to the foils of “juice”, I send her to the park, where she meets Stiles McGraw.


Diana: You’re a cheapskate frugal too? Oh-em-gee, that’s amazing!

StilesD- did you just say “omg”?

It’s a match made in heaven! Also, yes, now I realise the slightly funny implications of having a frugal rock star. Can you imagine an actual music icon who doesn’t spend all their money??? Me neither.


I wanted to keep Di chatting with Stiles for longer, but unfortunately she had to go to work. He does seem an interesting candidate as spouse, since I’ve never used him in a legacy before…

Also, props to Justine Keaton for keeping the Sim Community clean.


Even though we’re dirt poor, I realise that Diana can’t really become a rock star without having a guitar to practise on. So I sell her light, fridge and counter in order to buy one.

Oh well! Looks like we’re gonna have to spend even more time at the gym than I thought!


Stiles calls just before Di goes to bed. Seems like fate keeps throwing these two together.

Diana: What? You found a coupon for anchovy soup at 40% off? Nice going!

Other people just don’t understand their attraction.


The next day Di goes to the park to practise performing on her guitar (which I jazzed up for her). I have to admit, I’m quite proud of how I angled this shot.

Hi, Iqbal!


Cornelia Goth was also at the park and disapproving of Di’s bad strumming.

Cornelia: It sounds like that time I hit a cat with my car. Took ages for it to die.

Thanks for that horrific mental image, Cornelia!


Di picks up a few bits of veg at the grocery store, which I make her plant when we get home. I figure since we’re poor as dirt, we may as well start living off of it. Diana’s gonna start a garden!



Di visits Stiles one day after work. I forgot he lives in that weird, huge house filled with other people. Wonder if that makes him just as poor as us?


They spend ages talking about nothing, slowly inching up into the ‘best friend’ category.


Then I got distracted by Blair Wainwright cutely playing in the mirror upstairs.


But when I went back to Di and Stiles, they’d just moved their conversation to the couch.

Diana: I gotta say, I think your house is pretty sweet >:[


Despite Di sending him mixed signals, Stiles seems pretty into her. I admit, I’m interested to see what his genetics can do, and Di isn’t really into in any other guys, so I guess we’ll go for it!


I manage to squeeze in some flirting before Diana drops dead of exhaustion and I send her home. We can continue this tomorrow or something.


Meanwhile, our little grapevine (?) is growing tall!


The next couple of days are filled with skilling and working. I’m trying to get her guitar level up so we can earn tips and get some extra cash!

This time, Gunther Goth has decided to grace us with his presence. He seems as equally impressed as his wife was.

Gunther: This music is garbage.

How sweet of you to say.


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 19.19.38.png

Diana is doing pretty well at work, getting opportunities and promotions.

She even gets enough LtH points for me to buy her the ‘Observant’ trait, which I give to basically all my sims if/when I can. I just find it extremely helpful in making friends and finding who’s compatible.


Literally the only time my sims use the paper is to get jobs or clip coupons.

Di has quite a backlog of them now, but they’re mostly for useless stuff like §1,000 massages and discounted cake.


We’ve made enough money for Di to afford a (cute) pink shower and another fridge! No more living at the gym for us! I like how the colour of her furniture matches the sky.


Di meets Connor Frio, who I briefly consider as spouse instead of Stiles. But I’ve married Connor into families before, and though I do love him (the bookworm part of me resonates with him), I think I’ll stick with Stiles.


Due to Diana’s promotion, I let her eat at the fancy bistro in celebration. I have no idea what the mess on her plate is, but it better taste like an angel’s butthole after what we just paid for it!


I love how Diana’s waffle-face just makes her look mildly concerned.

Diana: Did I leave the stove on?

I’d hope so, since you’re standing right in front of it.


-gasp- Finally! We can actually make tips now!!

This kid drops in §100 like it’s no big fuckin deal. All right, kid, you do you.


Di’s garden (if it can be called that) is getting along, albeit slowly. But we really need to tidy this place up a bit since…


We’ve invited Stiles round!

It may not seem like a great idea, showing the guy you’re interested in that your ‘house’ is literally just a bed, fridge, toilet and shower in the middle of a field, but whatever.


Diana: Hey, Stiles! I’m really glad you made it!

Stiles: Um, Diana, I need to ask something- have you been living like this the whole time?

Diana: Yes, why? 🙂

Stiles: No reason…


Diana: Listen, Stiles, I really like you. Do you wanna make this thing exclusive?

Stiles: –oh god it’s too late to back out– Sure, Di.

Looks like you’re stuck with us, now.


In better news, Diana’s garden is actually looking more like a garden by the day!


And Diana has started learning some compositions for work!

We might be virtually homeless, but life is going good!


I love taking pictures in Sunset Valley, I still think it’s one of the most beautiful towns in the Sims 3.


Some more tips…


And schmoozing of Stiles…


We get Stiles to move in, and Di proposes to him! I’ll give you his stats in a minute, but for now…


We have a house! Stiles really didn’t give us much money (maybe about §3,000?), but since I had a little saved up, I could actually give them a roof over their heads!


Diana and her new fiancé celebrate the new living arrangements in style.


Stiles: I am so stoked to be marrying you!

I’m glad Stiles is so excited. Anyway, I said I’d give you his stats:

Stiles is a neat, frugal, loner, who is a light sleeper and loves the outdoors. His fave colour is white and his LTW is Swimming in Cash, which will never ever happen (sorry).

I also find out that he’s an adult, which is annoying, but we’ll roll with it.


Stiles: But we have no money! How are we supposed to have a lovely wedding when there’s only pennies in our pockets? We need to start saving, pronto! Maybe start another savings account to put our emergency savings away in? What do you think about-

Diana: –ughall this planning for the future makes me nauseous

I feel that.


Turns out thinking about the future wasn’t the only thing making Diana nauseous! We have a little Budge on the way!

Dustin: Niiice.

I think here is a nice place to round off this update! Hope you enjoyed reading this so far 🙂

Next time: Babies, Birthdays and lots of Nonsense!


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