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This Again…

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I am having real trouble getting my game to work lately, which is a shame. It’s absolutely refusing to run, no matter how many times I uninstall/reinstall it. SO I’ll see what I can do, and I have the Budge’s saved anyway, but I might just have to abandon my each generation= new expansion plan because it’s just not working 😦

It sucks, but I’m hopeful that even with all the games installed, I can play the Budges again.

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Walk Like An Egyptian- The Budge Legacy Interlude


As Nicola so politely requested of me, it’s about time for the Budge family to have a holiday! So Sonny and Nicola packed their bags and jetted off to Al Simhara, as a sort of late honeymoon, let’s say.

No last times under the cut this update, this is just a fun interlude-thing.

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Back to Basics- The Budge Legacy (1.1)


Welcome back to the Budge Legacy, a legacy where I play my way through each Sims 3 expansion pack with every generation.  So far, we’re at generation 1, so we’re just playing the most basic version of the Sims 3 you can possibly get.

Last time we met our founder, Diana Budge, who wants to be a rockstar. She quickly met and fell for Stiles McGraw, even though he’s an adult who lives in a house with four other people. They got engaged and Stiles moved in. At the end of the update we discovered Diana is pregnant!

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